Spectacular Soccer!



This is a picture of a soccer ball, or in England, it is called a football.


Soccer is a very fun sport because you get to play on a team and bond with your teammates. If you want to learn to play soccer then you should kick on to this post about it!

The object of soccer is to try to score goals. Whoever scores the most goals by the end of the game wins. The first rule in soccer is you can only use your feet. The only person who can use their hands is the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the person who defends the goal so the ball does not go in the goal. There is a rule called fouls. A foul is when you hurt someone. If you do hurt someone, that person gets a free kick. That is when you try to kick it in the goal wherever the foul was.

Equipment is an important part of soccer. One part of the equipment is the cleats. The cleats are special shoes that you wear in soccer. They help you not slip when you come across a slippery patch of mud or something else. Another important piece of equipment is the shin guards. They help you when the ball is coming near your shins, they help your shins not get hurt. Lastly, there is a uniform. The shirt always has a number on the back of it. How you get that number is you can choose what number you want.

Some of my friends play soccer! Their names are Veronica Pink  Aliyah Sage Sarah Gold Betty Sushi. Guess what? Three of those people all play on the same team! I have not played with any of these players before.



What sport do you play? Tell me about it!

Have you ever been on a team sport? How do team work together?


2 thoughts on “Spectacular Soccer!

  1. I like your thinking, Anna! I like soccer as much as you do, but sometimes I like basketball or hockey more. I like how you thought and all of the wonderful and positive things about soccer. I also like your photo of the soccer ball really much!

  2. I don’t nessicarially play a sport but I like to play some sports. I like to play baseball at recess sometimes when my friends are around.

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