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Today I will be contrasting and comparing America and Hungary.

First of all, the population of America is 327,200,000 people, the population of Hungary is 9,793,000 people. Wow, that’s a lot of people for both countries.

The land area for America is 3,677,000 square miles and for Hungary, the land area is 3,700,650 square miles. Hungary only has 650 more land area than America!

The language for America is English. Hello! That is how you greet someone in America! The language in Hungary is Hungarian. Szia! That is how you say hello in Hungary!

Next, there are the flags. The American flag has blue, white, and red. The colors for the Hungarian flag is white, red, and green.


Here is the American flag.



Here is a picture of the Hungarian flag.


One similarity is if you look at the flags then you will see that there are two colors that are the same. The red and the white are on both the American flag and the Hungarian flag.

Do you know any other countries similar to any of mine, if so what are they?

Do you know any other facts about Hungary or America, If so what facts do you know?

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