Meet My Avatar, Ana!

Today in class we made avatars, this is my avatar, Ana. As you may see I have brown, long hair.

I also love going to parties especially dance parties those are one of my favorites. I really love Peanuts movies. That is why is why I chose this kind of avatar. As you can see I really love blue, purple, and enjoy pink.

What is your favorite color?

What color is your hair?

10 thoughts on “Meet My Avatar, Ana!

  1. @Ana

    We love your avatar. One thing we like about your avatar is the shirt because of the pretty color.

    Casey’s favorite colors are red and blue. Red because it is bright and the first color of the rainbow. Blue because she likes going to the beach. She also likes them because they are the colors of the USA flag.

    Jodie’s favorite color is blue because it reminds me of water and life.

    The color of Casey’s hair is ginger, and Jodie’s hair is dirty blond.

    Ana, why do you like the colors blue, pink, and purple?

    Casey and Jodie

    • Dear Jodie Bloom and Cassy Cherry,

      Thank you for that great comment! I enjoy the color blue because it reminds me of the water as well. For the color pink, it reminds me of calmness and happiness. Lastly, there is the color purple, I like purple because it reminds me of my family, because they all enjoy the color purple.

      Do you like any of my favorite colors?
      What do you like about my avatar?

  2. Dear Ana Prewit,

    Thank you for that great comment you left on my blog.

    I also like the Peanuts movie, and I like blue and purple too. However, green is my favorite color. You also asked what my hair color is and my hair color is brown. When I was younger, I had a little bit of red in my hair.

    When you were younger did you have different color hair then you do now?

    Sheila Turner

    • Dear Sheila,
      I love your comment on my avatar!

      Yes, I did have a different color hair when I was younger. My hair was the color red when I was a baby! When I was three my hair was blonde. Then when I was four my hair was black and now my hair is brown. My favorite out of all of those hair colors is brown hair because it kind of matches with my skin color.
      What was your hair color when you were younger?
      What do you want your hair color to be when you are older?

  3. Hi Ana,
    Great avatar! To me this feels like she is on the brink of beginning to dance because you can see the piano playing in the background and the disco ball above. I like the feeling of anticipation and only wish this was animated so we could see her dance and have fun! I also really like her glasses. I wear glasses and now kind of want some heart shaped ones! 🙂 Do you wear glasses?

    • Dear Lisa,
      Thank you for commenting on my avatar post!

      You asked if I wear glasses, well I don’t. I wish I would because I think I would look good in them. My sister used to have glasses for school to see far away for words on the board.
      Do you wear glasses?
      If you do wear glasses then what do they look like?

      • Hi Ana,
        I do wear glasses! I too need them to see far away. I actually have lots of different styles as I like to match my glasses to my outfits. : )

        I just went to the eye doctor and ordered a new pair. They are round circles that are kind of big and thin silver wires. I won’t get them for a couple weeks but am very excited for something new!

  4. Dear “Ana”,

    Hi Ana. I’m am here to answer your questions. My favorite color is blue and neon green. My hair is brown along with Big Burt. I like going to parties too! Sadly, Big Burt and I don’t like the Peanut movie. 🙁 My favorite party place is Dojoboom! At Dojoboom they have lots of trampolines, dodgeball, obstacle courses, rock wall, and pizza!

    Have you ever been to Dojoboom?
    Have you ever been on a trampoline before?

    “Mr. wWtch” and “Big Burt”

    • Dear Mr. Wacth & Big Burt,
      Thank you for your reply to my post! I really liked how it had lots of detail and was you answered both my questions. To answer your questions I have been to Dojoboom before. It was super fun and my sister and I had a great time together. I also have been on a trampoline before it was the best tie of my life!

      Do you like trampolines? Why?
      Have you ever been to sky high?


  5. Hi, Ana!

     Your avatar is really very beautiful. In this avatar, I really like blue shoes. It is really very beautiful!
    I am here to answer your questions. My favorite colors are black and pink. All my clothes are mostly of these colors, because these colors look very good on me.

    My real hair color is brown, but recently I repainted black. I am very pleased with this hair color, which is now.

    You like to go to parties, but I don’t. I mainly study only, have a lot of fun.

     I would like to know why you created this particular avatar? Is he somehow associated with you? Right? Waiting for your answer.

    I wish you a great day)

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