Wonderful Wildlife!

Yesterday and today, we saw four different amazing animals. They were a hedgehog, a ball python, a great horned owl, and a kinkajou.

First, we learned that animals have physical and behavioral adaptations. A physical adaptation is a body part that is on an animals body that helps it survive in the wild. A behavioral adaptation is something that an animal does to survive or find food.

The Hedgehog

The hedgehog has physical and behavioral adaptions. The physical adaptations are its quills. Quills are made of cuticle like our finger nails, and it grows back. The behavioral adaptation is that it can roll into a ball for protection. If a predator comes along it will bite the hedgehog and get quills stuck in its face. The predator’s paws will get stuck in its face if it keeps trying to get them out.

photo by: Mrs. Yollis


The Ball Python

There is another animal called the ball python. It is a constricting snake. It can bite people and squeeze them to death. They also ,like all snakes do, shed their skin. When they shed their skin it comes off and new skin is revealed. The ball python is not a poisonous snake, but most people think that they are.


photo by: Mrs. Yollis


The Kinkajou

The Kinkajou has physical and behavioral adaptations too. The physical adaptations are thick fur and a long, prehensile tail. Prehensile means it can grip like a hand. The behavioral adaptations are it can cling onto trees and anything else. Kinkajous are sometimes called honey bears because they raid bees’ nests. They use their long, skinny tongues to slurp honey from a hive, and also to remove insects like termites from their nests.

photo by: Mrs. Yollis

The Great Horned Owl

Finally, we have the great horned owl. The great horned owl is an owl that lives in our habitat. The owl has feathers on the top of its head. When it lifts its head all the way, its feathers go up. Some people think that owls can turn their head all the way around, but they can’t! They can only swivel it two-thirds of the way around.



What other owls do you know about?

Is there any other animal in the wild you know about, if so then what facts do you know?

Spectacular Soccer!



This is a picture of a soccer ball, or in England, it is called a football.


Soccer is a very fun sport because you get to play on a team and bond with your teammates. If you want to learn to play soccer then you should kick on to this post about it!

The object of soccer is to try to score goals. Whoever scores the most goals by the end of the game wins. The first rule in soccer is you can only use your feet. The only person who can use their hands is the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the person who defends the goal so the ball does not go in the goal. There is a rule called fouls. A foul is when you hurt someone. If you do hurt someone, that person gets a free kick. That is when you try to kick it in the goal wherever the foul was.

Equipment is an important part of soccer. One part of the equipment is the cleats. The cleats are special shoes that you wear in soccer. They help you not slip when you come across a slippery patch of mud or something else. Another important piece of equipment is the shin guards. They help you when the ball is coming near your shins, they help your shins not get hurt. Lastly, there is a uniform. The shirt always has a number on the back of it. How you get that number is you can choose what number you want.

Some of my friends play soccer! Their names are Veronica Pink  Aliyah Sage Sarah Gold Betty Sushi. Guess what? Three of those people all play on the same team! I have not played with any of these players before.



What sport do you play? Tell me about it!

Have you ever been on a team sport? How do team work together?


My Visitors!

It’s so exciting to have visitors from all around the world on my blog!


Today I will be contrasting and comparing America and Hungary.

First of all, the population of America is 327,200,000 people, the population of Hungary is 9,793,000 people. Wow, that’s a lot of people for both countries.

The land area for America is 3,677,000 square miles and for Hungary, the land area is 3,700,650 square miles. Hungary only has 650 more land area than America!

The language for America is English. Hello! That is how you greet someone in America! The language in Hungary is Hungarian. Szia! That is how you say hello in Hungary!

Next, there are the flags. The American flag has blue, white, and red. The colors for the Hungarian flag is white, red, and green.


Here is the American flag.



Here is a picture of the Hungarian flag.


One similarity is if you look at the flags then you will see that there are two colors that are the same. The red and the white are on both the American flag and the Hungarian flag.

Do you know any other countries similar to any of mine, if so what are they?

Do you know any other facts about Hungary or America, If so what facts do you know?

Tremendous Track

Here I am running in a race against the teams Lane Five and Flying Pheonxis.

Have you ever stepped on a track and started running as fast as you can? Yes, I play for a track team called the Speedy Squirrels. I have been playing this fun sport for one year!

I have my very own running shoes that I use for practice and meets. A meet is a race that you do against other teams. This Saturday we are competing against a team called the Chiefs. I want to be a professional track player one day, so I practice three days a week.

When you run track, you can do different events like I am a distance runner so I run the 1500 meters which is four laps around the track. Another event that I do is the 800 meters which is two laps around the track. If you are a sprinter then the 100, 200, 400, and the relay race is for you.

The uniform for track is you wear something called a singlet. A singlet is a no sleeve shirt with black shorts. You can wear a headband or a bandana to keep your hair from blowing in your face.

On Saturday I did something called a qualification. When you qualify you must meet the time you are supposed to get. For example, my time for the 1500 was 6:12 and my time for the 800 was 3:06. I met both, so I will go to varsity. Varsity is the meet before the championship.

If you get in the top eight in varsity, then you will go to CCC. CCC is the championship for track.

Here is a picture of my track shoes that I use for track practice and for meets.

Have you ever run track, if so what events did you do?

Do you play any other sports than track, if you do what are they?

Let’s Visit The Statue Of Liberty!

When Mrs. Yollis parked the bus, we had to get on a ferry boat to get to the Statue Of Liberty! April fools!. We didn’t really go to the statue of liberty we used something called virtual reality. Virtual reality is when you wear goggles and there is a phone inside the goggles to make you see different landmarks that look real. For example, we went to six different places that were the Grand Canon, the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, and the Statue Of Liberty. I will be taking you away from this state of California to New York!

The Statue Of Liberty was completed in 1884 and became a national monument in 1924. The statue of liberty is made out of copper. The copper is as thick as two pennies. That is not very thick, but if you put it on the whole statue then it might feel pretty thick.   The Statue Of Liberty’s formal name is Liberty Enlightening the world, but most people know her as the Statue of Liberty or Lady Liberty.

Photo by Mrs. Yollis.




Photo by Mrs. Yollis.

Have you ever been to the Statue Of Liberty, if so what was it like?


Do you know any other facts about the Statue Of Liberty, if so then what are they?



Spring Has Sprung!

Photo by Miss Sage

Today is the first day of spring! On spring the days are longer and we get more ‎hours of sunlight. There is a saying that goes: “April showers bring May flowers.” Spring ends around June 20th, but a lot of people consider March, April, and May all spring months. In some places, the ground freezes in the winter then, in the spring flowers bloom. Some animals migrate in the winter but then come back in the spring. There is a holiday called Earth Day, we all celebrate Earth Day in the spring. We celebrate it by learning how things change and how we can fix the bad things. A lot of flowers bloom in the spring.



What do you like to do in the spring? 

Welcome To My Blog!

Greetings and salutations!

My class is at the library on pajama day.

Here is a picture of my class on pajama day.

Today is pajama day at our school! Everyone in our class is wearing pajamas, so we’re going to get 100% participation! My shirt says “Donut” disturb. Get it?  I don’t want anyone to disturb me when I’m sleeping. I am reading a book called Time Cat, it is about a cat who can talk and time travel to anywhere he wants to travel. My class and I are at the library and one of my classmates are holding up the book we read called The Sneetches. It is a bool by Dr.  Seuss who rhymes and makes up silly words.


What spirt do you have at your school?

What are your favorite pajamas that you have? 

My Lime Tree

Today I took a picture of my lime tree in my front yard. I zoomed in on a lime because I thought it was interesting because it was yellow. If it is yellow,  that usually means that it is not ripe yet. Last year on our lime tree we got twelve ripe limes!  This year we are hoping for some more limes than last years limes.





Here is my lime tree with one lime. (Photo by Ana) 


What fruits are your favorite to eat?

What can you do with a lime?


Fractional Fish in Seesaw!

Here is my fish tank I made in Seesaw. It is a fraction fish tank!

Today I had fun in class making a fraction fish project for an app called seesaw! I made my fish tank with ten fish in it. That means the denominator in my fraction is ten.  Some of my fractions were something like 2/10, 4/10, and 3/10. I had all of these fractions in my fish tank.


What kind of fish is your favorite that is in my tank?

What is your favorite thing to do in Seesaw? 




Meet My Avatar, Ana!

Today in class we made avatars, this is my avatar, Ana. As you may see I have brown, long hair.

I also love going to parties especially dance parties those are one of my favorites. I really love Peanuts movies. That is why is why I chose this kind of avatar. As you can see I really love blue, purple, and enjoy pink.

What is your favorite color?

What color is your hair?